Grace Pours Down like Sunshine

There is something about walking through the forest in the sunshine that reminds you that every day life is a gift. Thank you God for this beautiful precious experience of being alive. For all it’s pain and struggle, the exquisiteness of life is undeniable. 




Quotes from the Peanut Gallery #2


Me: Can you cut this paper dolly out for your sister?

6 yr old: Sure. I have time to do lots of things, but not time to do lots of things at the same time.

Weather Report:

4yr old: “Mommy the clouds turned purple. The clouds turned purple because they are angry that it’s not raining anymore.”

Royal Duties:

While training her 4 year old sister to be a polite princess, my 7 year old explained why the 3 year old couldn’t join in and be a queen.

“Because queens are really old, and it’s boring…actually it’s a lot of work. You have rule a village, and to sit on a bench all day and read newspapers…and eat chocolate all day until you get sick.”

“What if it tasted like coffee chocolate?” piped up the 4 year old. “That would be awful.”

“I wanna be a princess and dance!” moaned the distraught toddler.

Mouth Mumbles:

3 year old: “He has an ice cream lipstash…”


Recipe For Laughter

Tonight my toddler came up with his own recipe. Impressive, right? 


“What a little chef!” exclaims Grandma over the internet. “Un petit gourmét!” coos a French food connoisseur who stumbled unwittingly into Crazy Land. 

But wait! Before your hearts swell with pride at the culinary prowress of my two year old, read what it is he made. A very simple recipe, with 4 steps:

1. Pick up baby bowl of fruit salad.

2. Dump into little bowl of alphagetties. 

3. Add a cup of berry punch. 

4. Laugh. Repeat in reverse order…ish. Laugh more. 

Of course his four big sisters loved the performance, which only aggravated the èncores….

Sigh….well, at least he likes to help with the dishes!


Early Evening Glory

Last week, after a vivacious spring day of intense showers interspersed with golden sunshine pouring through steely grey clouds, I snuck out while my kids were having their bedtime snack to drink in the early evening glory of the garden.    


I love the peppery purple scent of lupins…they always make me think of high school graduation because they were blooming abundantly in our back yard when I was finishing grade 12. We took pictures of me in my velvet green ( :> !) grad dress in front of a pink, purple and blue sea of lupins in our garden. 

Everything is glorious after the rain…the delicate ferns curling their fingers artistically…the billowy cotton candy clouds that look so bouncy and fluffy you could surely dance on them, if you could only get up there….the little pansy playing peekaboo underneath the blooming thyme bush.
Is it any wonder, with a garden like this (I take no credit; it’s my green-thumbed and maybe even fingered landlord) that taking out the compost is my favourite chore? 



Wishing you all a beautiful Mother’s Day Weekend, with many flowers and gorgeous sunsets! 


Little Souls Like Shooting Stars


All this pain, Lord

all these broken hearts

broken open and flowing with beauty

Heaven escaping like steam from the geysers of love

that rush out of these parents’ broken hearts

2.6 million a year stillborn….

An overwhelming quiet

A heart stopping silence

Why is it that we must be broken to become more beautiful?

To finally reach out and connect

to honour each other’s pain

to realize each person is precious

and irreplaceable?

How mysterious this growing in love

that in losing the ones we love most

we become more loving

that in suffering we become more divine

just as You became human

to suffer with us

that we should never

no matter what

feel alone

Living in pain

we no longer live for ourselves

but for those we long for

and for those who are also broken by yearning

for little ones lost too soon

Our life is gift

and it is meant to be fruitful

We are not here for ourselves

but for others

to hold each other up with webs of love and hope

sparkling with dew-like tears 

Above in the sky

a sound like thunder

a thousand angels’ wings

accompanying with solemn joy

the little souls who enter Heaven like shooting stars

and light up the sky

Never to fade

never to disappear

a light in the heavens always 




who will inspire us forever

Let us all become saints

so we can join them one day

and shed light into the shadows of a suffering world 


Honouring International Bereaved Mother’s Day

May 3rd is international bereaved Mother’s Day. It is an important and beautiful opportunity to acknowledge all the mothers around the world who have suffered loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, child loss or painful struggles with infertility. 

It is a chance to share grief and hope, to reach out and be vulnerable, to connect, to encourage, and to honour the women whose mother’s hearts are suffering deeply. 

Every baby is, in the words of Still Life Canada, “a unique and irreplaceable individual.” It is fitting that we honour their passing with our whole hearts. Sometimes sharing your grief is the first step to allowing others to share theirs, too, and beginning to heal. Let’s break the silence with gentle words of love.     Also, the Mothering Your Heart program is a lovely way to connect with other bereaved moms, be encouraged and supported in your journey of grief and healing. There is a Facebook page to share with other moms if you like, and a series of helpful emails you can receive each day leading up to Mother’s Day, with gentle ideas on self-care and nurturing your wounded heart, honouring your baby and seeking the stillness in which to discover the still, small voice of hope….    Wishing you all peace, strength, healing and hope…

With all my heart,


Mummy of Josephine, my little star in Heaven 


Quick and Easy Pesto Pasta Salad


Here’s a simple recipe for a nice pasta salad you can have on hand in your fridge to pull out for a quick lunch or to bring along to a potluck. 


~one package spiral pasta/rotini, cooked and cooled

~a few tablespoons pesto

~one chopped sweet pepper (yellow, orange or red)

~1/3 cup crumbled sheeps feta (or other)

~1/4 cup chopped assorted olives, such as kalamata, royal, or sundried

~small handful of fresh parsley and fresh basil, chopped

~fresh ground pepper


1. Cook and cool pasta, leaving it slightly firm. I used whole wheat this time, but rainbow spiral pasta (coloured by mixed vegetables) is also nice. 

2. Wash and chop pepper and fresh herbs.

3. Mix pasta with pesto.

4. Chop olives and remove any pits.

5. Add sweet pepper, herbs and olives to pasta in a big bowl, crumble in feta, ground in a bit of fresh pepper and mix. 

6. Enjoy right away or put in the fridge for later! :)