More Quotes from the Peanut Gallery


2 year old boy: “I keep hicking up.”

 5 year old girl: “Hicking up is the only sickness where you can still do lots of stuff. The only thing you can’t do when you’re hicking up is not interrupt.”


4 year old girl:“Why is it so blurry outside?”


9 year old girl, while doing math: “Sigh, I wish I was a boy!”

Me: “Why??”

Her: “So I could just focus on one thing! I get so distracted…”

…ah yes, women and multitasking….


5 year old girl: “I like going to Mass every day because it feels like it is Jesus’ birthday every day. Like always Christmas but never much snowing.”



If it’s true that we are dust

and that from the moment of birth

we are heading towards death,

then are not all our words

like a dying breath—

an exhalation of hope

that our voices will be heard

after we’re gone?

Like the light of stars

shining for years,

sending light across the universe

long after the star has burnt out.

Are we perhaps,

though weak and frail

yet destined for eternity,

little flurries of stardust?


Thank God for big sisters!

Amidst the chaos of packing, moving and unpacking again, a lovely big sister is such a help! Her lucky baby brother has a mini-mum! 


“Here Mum,” she said, “You’re tired. Let me try the snugly.” Only nine years ago, she was the little baldy in the snugly! Now she is more organized than I am, and very maternal to boot. I am very blessed to be her mother.